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We had always fantasized about the American dream, to attain the ideal of equal opportunity which is afforded to any American allowing their aspirations to materialize such as owning a home or a business. We began our journey toward realizing the American dream since our family arrived to America after the Holocaust, when we first came to America and imagined our children having the freedom to run around in the garden with the sun shining on their faces. Since then, we went from building our home to building your home. Our goal is to provide that empowerment and independence to others, to have their dreams come to fruition - from conception to creation. We pride ourselves on being family-oriented, on building together, on growing together because your dreams are our dreams and we want to help make each customer’s dream a reality. Together we are the American dream. 


Citadel offers our clients a holistic solution in their journey towards building out their dream home. We differentiate ourselves as we seek to forge close relationships with our customers and offer a one-stop shop, with consistent, reliable service in all aspects of the building process. Our team is comprised of experts in finance, development, construction, project management and investment management with a plethora of experience in their respective fields and are committed to the highest standard of performance. 

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