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Our construction team has a demonstrated ability to utilize creative approaches to building as we seek to understand our clients’ needs to provide both unique and cost-effective solutions, which makes Citadel the preferred construction partner. Our team boasts decades of field expertise and consists of project executives, managers, site architects/engineers and field labor experienced with single-family homes, commercial properties such as restaurants and apartment buildings, vacant-lot developments, gut-rehabilitations as well as large scale renovations. We are licensed, bonded and insured and provide a holistic, comprehensive approach from conception to completion through all stages of construction, starting with conceptual planning and design, project estimates, timeline, coordinating on timely permitting approvals, purchasing and thereafter transitioning onto construction management on site and liaising with the homeowner throughout to ensure transparency and coordination with the finishes and final project rollout. Our core values guide our operations at CPG and we are dedicated to our consistent responsive service, quality control, security and meticulously maintaining the property to ensure the smooth transition to occupancy. 


Citadel's knowledge of the market, as well as our reputation for attracting top talent, has allowed us to assemble a team of top performers to execute each phase of development accordingly. The breadth and depth of our experience coupled with our industry expertise has created a strong precedent for success. CPG seeks to promote community in commencing developments even offering contextually integrative design. Our multidisciplinary approach differentiates CPG as a one-stop-shop and affords us to construct all phases in an integrated development project, from site selection to analyzing the environmental impact and working through financing options. 


Irrespective of project size, whether big or small, we are meticulous in our attention to detail every step of the way.



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